Patient Newsletters – Don’t Miss the Boat

According to McKinsey research “E-mail remains a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media — nearly 40 times that of Facebook and Twitter combined“.

It shouldn’t surprise you to know that 91% of US consumers use email every day?

But are you taking advantage of this opportunity to connect and communicate with your patients?

Here are just a few benefits of regular newsletters to your patients:

Patients Become Educated – Keeping patients educated with focused training is critical for improving their health and also directly impacts your bottom line. As patients stay educated of services you provide, they will understand the advantages to investing in the care and procedures you prescribe to achieve the results they are looking for.

Your Credibility – As you keep your patients in the know, they will come to rely on you as a credible and trusted source for information they may need to achieve their health goals. The resulting trust leads to referrals as they will talk to others about their positive patient experience.

You Stay in Mind – Keeping your practice name (your brand) in front of your patients every month will keep you and their health on their minds. Your patients will be less prone to forget to schedule or show up for appointments and more likely to call you without hesitancy when they have health questions. You know that competition is fierce and there are an abundance of choices they can make, managing your patient relationships is the number one key to retaining your patients, rather than losing them to your competition.

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We know that some folks just don’t like to write. Even though you’ve got a wealth of knowledge you are haunted by writer’s block. Sometime it just takes a little kickstart. Here are few ideas that you can use for topics in your regular newsletters:

  • Employee profile
  • Topics that affect health and well being in your neighborhood,
  • The importance of regular visits,
  • Also MDSITE members can tap into ideas through the thousands of articles available to them.