Google Reviews, Why They are Important and How to Get Them

As well as being essential ranking signals for local SEO, Google reviews from clients are usually seen as one of the most powerful ways of promoting trust in your business. To highlight this, in a survey conducted by market research firm Dimensional Research on behalf of software firm Zendesk a staggering 90% of respondents said that positive online reviews influence their buying decisions. In other words, reviews matter when it comes to attracting more customers and helping them to choose between your company and your competition.

With Google providing the biggest percentage of online searches it makes good sense that you put a lot of focus into getting reviews on your Google Business page.

google maps for doctorsWhich do you think is more important? More social media followers or more good reviews?
The answer should be clear. When a someone comes upon your Google listing and sees 2 or 3 reviews and the next listing shows dozens or even hundreds, which will they choose? Trust is found in those reviews! Of course social media followers are important, they are a contributing factor Google SEO but the reviews often seal the deal to get that initial phone call from a new client.

One the very best ways to get Google reviews is to ask for them. Certainly your office has many happy clients, let them be your ambassador. Here are some ideas on how to do that:

  • Print it – When you send them away have a some type of card that has a short link to your reviews page. and are a couple url shorteners you can use.
  • Have a small sign at the receptionist desk talking about your reviews.
  • Include review requests as a footer in every email sent.
  • Programmatically send them directly to your review page on Google. (As a member we have a tutorial on how to do that – or we can do it for you at no cost).
  • Use QR codes to direct user to a Google review Pop-Up link. (Google review QR Codes are provided to Members at no cost)

These are just a few of the best ways to be proactive in seeking Google reviews. Remember, Google reviews are a very big part of a successful online business promotion.