Google Chrome 68 is Here and All HTTP Sites Marked “Not Secure”

Chrome 68 is out, all HTTP sites will now be marked “Not Secure”!

Google Chrome 68 makes HTTPS mandatory – have you installed an SSL certificate yet?
Beginning July 24th Google began rolling out Google Chrome 68 — the version that makes HTTPS mandatory. This event has been on the horizon for two years.

It’s important to note that not every user will be on Chrome version 68 right away. Google tends to roll these updates out over the course of a week or two to ensure that everything releases smoothly.So not everyone will be on Chrome 68 right away, but within a few weeks all Chrome users are going to see some big changes.

Why is Google making HTTPS mandatory?
It’s all about security of the web. HTTP has served its purpose but its fatal flaw is in its lack of security. Specifically, its lack of connection security. When an internet user’s web browser arrives at an HTTP website, all of their communication with that site is sent in plaintext that can easily be intercepted and stolen. With today’s climate of security breaches and other hacks, this is not good in a number of contexts, from online banking to healthcare to social media, so Google and the rest of the browsers are pushing to make better connection security a default for the entire internet.

When you install an SSL/TLS certificate and migrate your website to HTTPS, it facilitates encrypted connections, which keep the data being transmitted from being eavesdropped on or even manipulated.

So, in short, if a website still uses basic HTTP with no SSL, it will be even easier for its users to see that.

SSL is a smart investment to make
If you’re looking to secure your website with an SSL please let us know.